End-to-end solution to easily gather, display and manage on-field data

Solution features

The first Made in Italy, out-of-the-box solution for electrical consumption data gathering.

The Telenet Power device is made completely in Italy. It is based on SIGFOX ultra narrow band technology that allows scalable applications and very low energy consumption. TelenetPower, that is certified SIGFOX, has unique operating characteristics.


  • Active Power
  • Reactive Power
  • Peak Power
  • Threshold-based alarm


    • Telenet Power is a ready to use radio transmitter for power meter with out-of-the-box connectivity that enable the continuous monitoring of energy consumption.


    • Telenet Power ensure a long range communication in both urban and suburban environments.


    • Telenet Power is bidirectional and allow to update the device setting remotely, through the Sigfox network.


    • Telenet Power is plug&play: the radio transmitter is set with the agreed configuration and ready to be used without any additional on-field activity.


    • Telenet Power is low power, with up to 15 years of battery lifespan.


  • Telenet Power is customizable under request.


  • Telenet Power includes an integrated platform to easily gather, display and manage consumption data.