Why TelenetPower?

Telenet Power is a ready-to-use radio transmitter that transmits electrical energy data measured by any electric meter, Monophase and Triphase, with two inputs for Active and Reactive energy measurements absorbed by the load.


Leveraging Sigfox-based Low Power connectivity with national coverage Telenet Power represents a new way of energy data continuous monitoring. The unique features of Telenet Power give an effective overview on meters and distribution network status and support operations in management activities.


Thanks to the real-time consumption data it is possible to enhance demand planning and control, improving the entire energy distribution service and the overall efficiency of service management. the solution allows the promptly identification of service deterioration issues as well as the development of preventive maintenance strategies.


Telenet Power is Plug&Play. thanks to the small dimensions and the wide compatibility the installation is fast and easy. Telenet Power is ready to use any additional on-field activity, assuring low operating costs.


Telenet Power combines long battery life (up to 15 years) with Sigfox seamless connectivity, as the Nettrotter/SIGFOX network is already available throughout the national territory, with positive impact on the profit and loss account of the company.

TelenetPower is low power, plug&play, low cost and leverage Sigfox UNB IoT communication network.